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Sinnes-art - Ganzheitliche und Sinnliche Massagen in Dresden

Sensual Massages

Sensual-Erotic Massage

Embedded in a holistic conzept, this massage is the homage to sexual energy per se. This whole body massage relaxes muscles, releases tensions and creates an enormous amount of life force, creativity and charisma. Each part of the body is involved sensually touched right from the beginning, because we regard the entire body as an erogenous zone.

Tantra Massage

Erkennungsbild einer Massageart

A highly erotic massage, worshiping the body and the soul in a loving and caring way. Various elements indulge and stimulate the senses allowing you to arrive in the present moment and to settle down. You feel energized, creativity and inner joy. Both relaxation and excitement are particularly intense with a longlasting effect.

Four-hand Erotic Massage

Relax and be pampered by two masseuses at the same time! You'll not only be touched by four hands – you'll enjoy double attention in every respect. 

Bondage Massage

Offered by: Bea, Magdalena, Martha, Milam, Shanti

The Bondage Massage was created by Sinnes-art and meanwhile also found it's way into top-ranking Tantra Institutes. The impetus was set by a guest who had tried out Bondage Massages all around the globe and who told us about it. It's one of the most intense massages, bristling with witty elements.

"Blind Date" Massage

Do you sometimes close your eyes, lean back indulging in your dream while you are thinking of something wonderful and luring? Our "Blind Date" Massage takes you on an exciting journey: beeing touched in a stimulating way, your minds eye produces images of what you want to see.

Root Chakra Massage

This massage refers to the name of the bottom chakra, called the Root Chakra. It concentrates on the bottom and the pelvic base and, by request, includes the inner anal region. Used therapeutically by doctors  in former times, a prostate massage can both evoke deep emotions and cause an enormous amount of pleasure.
If you are searching for a deep and devoted sexual experience, our Root Chakra Massage might open up new dimensions for you.

Yoni Massage

Yoni is a Sanskrit term, describing the entirety of female sexual organs. This massage is not offered separately, only in the context of a Sensual Massage – most likely within a Tantra Massage. Our masseuses and masseurs know how to apply different techniques for this massage to unfold it’s healing and sensually pleasing effects which makes the Yoni Massage the "Queen of Massages". 

Lingam Massage

Lingam is a Sanskrit term and we use it as a synonym for the male sexual organs. Loving and tender touch within a sensual massage give us the feeling of beeing sexual beeings as well and that these sensations are purely natural. Due to the arrangement of particular strokes and massage techniques, the recipient experiences strong pleasure and great lust. Feeling accepted with these emotions lays the foundation for a profound inner connection to ones soul.